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HELP WANTED: Two million teachers


Due to the fact that lots of these ole’ gals are going to be retiring – in addition to a large upcoming student population, the United States is faced with attracting around two million-plus teachers in the next ten years. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that between the years 2006 – 2016,  the national numbers of preschool teachers who will be needed will go up 21%, elementary school teachers will go up 14-20%, secondary school teachers up only 3-6%, but the need for all categories of postsecondary teacher will increase at least 21%!

In Florida, where I live, the numbers are even more astounding. Even though we are struggling through economic downturn, and the population is dropping somewhat, the state public school system still had a shortage of about 16,000 teachers for the 2007-2008 school year.

Why is it so difficult to recruit good teachers? And why is it that this sour puss stayed twenty-five years and is retiring with a pension and the hides of 4,568 sith graders tacked to her bulletin board – but today ‘s average new teacher “burns out” within the first three years? Here’s a new website that tackles the issue and provides good resources from the teachers’ point of view.

It doesn’t really go to the heart of the issue, though.

Thoughts, anyone?

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