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BlendKit2015 – Getting My Blend On

For most of us who are successfully using blended learning, the thought of returning to just “stand and deliver” methodology seems inconceivable. I’m not traditional and don’t learn in linear, one-dimensional ways, do you? Any educator, trainer, or communicator in the business of exacting learning in this “age of distraction” must have the guts to face the effectiveness challenge and design for today’s thumb bending, brain tweeting, candy-crushing, blog posting professional. And that’s just the kids!

Join me as I attempt to pin the proverbial jello to the wall and report from the BlendKit2015 MOOC.

Here’s how I’ll start:

1. Ask myself why
2. Make a commitment
3. Plan
4. Develop a vision
5. Determine the resources
6. Develop new instructional methods and technology skills

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