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Author: Shari Pobjecky

An instructional design specialist in the business of hunting down best practices in learning and change management.

What do you believe?

“There are neither ignoramuses nor perfect sages; there are only men who are attempting, together to learn more than they now know.”    – Paulo Freire




The starting point of any educational process lies with the philosophy held by the educator. Perhaps there is no more important aspect to the teacher-learner relationship, because the working philosophy of the teacher determines the purpose, and ultimately much of the success of the educational activity.


What is the aim of the instructional program?


What assumptions has the educator made about truth and what experiences are valuable?


What assumptions exist about the nature of the learner, and his will to learn?


Don’t you wish that education could begin with the end in mind – and that the end was something other than Continue reading What do you believe?

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